Our sewing department serves as the heart of our garment manufacturing operations, where precision meets creativity to bring designs to life. The layout of our factory is meticulously organized into dedicated workstations and segmented areas, each tailored to accommodate specific stages of the production process. This segmentation not only ensures efficient workflow management but also facilitates smooth transitions between production stages.

Production Capacity and Technology:

  • Our sophisticated manufacturing unit boasts an impressive installed production capacity of 270,000 garments and 120,000 innerwear garments
    per month.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge Japanese technology from Pegasus and Juki of 400 machines, our sewing unit is optimized for integrated garmenting, guaranteeing seamless production processes and the delivery of high-quality output.
  • We harness the power of automated sewing machines to enhance efficiency, precision, and consistency in our operations. This approach not only minimizes errors but also maximizes productivity, resulting in labor-saving and quality-configured products.
  • Our sewing capabilities encompass the entire range of apparel, accommodating various types of prints and embroidery to meet the diverse
    needs of our clientele.