Enhancing Quality Through Rigorous Monitoring in the Sewing Department

At CMV, we place immense emphasis on process standardization and meticulous quality control measures to ensure the production of garments that meet the highest standards of excellence. In our sewing department, we adhere to a stringent protocol and follow daily reports to maintain consistency and quality throughout the production process.

By diligently following these daily reports and utilizing our Stitch MIS software for real-time data capture and analysis, we ensure that our sewing processes meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Continuous monitoring and corrective actions enable us to uphold our commitment to delivering superior garments to our customers.

⦿ SPI (Stitch Per Inch) Report

This report is instrumental in verifying the buyer-required stitch count, typically ranging between 12-13 SPI. Each operation is meticulously stitched in an individual swatch, and the SPI is recorded for every piece. Real-time data is captured in our Stitch MIS software for comprehensive analysis.

⦿ Oil Report

The Oil Report is crucial for identifying any oil leakage from machines, which could potentially affect garment quality. Every evening, oil sheets are placed under each needle, and any oil spots detected the following morning are recorded. Any issues identified are promptly communicated to mechanics for correction.

⦿ Broken Needle Policy

In addition to our daily monitoring reports, we have implemented a Broken Needle Policy to ensure the safety and quality of our garments. Any broken needles are immediately reported, and affected garments are quarantined and inspected for any potential damage. This proactive approach helps us maintain the integrity of our products and safeguard our customers' interests.

⦿ First Garment Report

Style-wise and color-wise, the first garment produced receives approval from every HOD (Head of Department), including Quality Assurance Managers and Merchandising Managers. This garment is compared with sealed sample trims and workmanship standards. Real-time data is captured in our Stitch MIS software for documentation and analysis.

⦿ 7 Point System

To control rework issues, we employ the 7 Point System. Every hour, QC personnel select 7 pieces from each operation and identify any mistakes made. If handling issues are identified, appropriate training is provided. Data is captured in real-time in our Stitch MIS software for continuous improvement.

⦿ Measurement Report

Each size is measured inline, with three pieces measured per hour. Measurements are captured in real-time using our Stitch MIS software to ensure accuracy and consistency in garment dimensions.

Single Piece Barcode System

Single Piece Barcode System


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