Ensuring Precision in the Cutting Process at CMV

At CMV, we prioritize precision and quality in every stage of garment production, and our cutting process is no exception. We employ meticulous techniques to ensure that our fabrics are cut accurately and efficiently, laying the foundation for superior garments.

At CMV, precision and quality are at the forefront of our cutting process. By implementing stringent quality control measures and leveraging advanced technology, we ensure that our fabrics are cut accurately and efficiently, laying the groundwork for exceptional garments that meets the highest standards of excellence.

⦿ Fabric Relaxation

Before cutting begins, the fabric undergoes a relaxation process to control shrinkage. This step ensures that the fabric remains stable and maintains its intended dimensions throughout the cutting process.

⦿ Lot-wise GSM/Shade Continuity System

To maintain consistency and uniformity, a lot-wise GSM and shade continuity system is generated, and each bundle is labeled with a barcode using our Stage ERP software. This barcode system facilitates easy identification and tracking of fabric lots, ensuring uniformity in production.

⦿ Bundle System and Cut Panel Audit

After cutting, a bundle system is followed to organize and manage the cut fabric pieces efficiently. Additionally, cut panel bundles undergo a meticulous audit before production to ensure accuracy and quality. This audit helps to identify any discrepancies and control garment rejections, ensuring that only flawless pieces proceed to the next stage of production.

Single Piece Barcode System

Single Piece Barcode System


100% Fabric Relaxing & Checking


Plotter Pattern Cutting machine