Storage Infrastructure:

In our manufacturing facility, Storage management plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of operations. Here’s an overview of our storage
Fabric & Accessories Storage:

  • Fabric storage is a pivotal aspect of our inventory management system. Fabrics are stored in pallet form to optimize space utilization and facilitate
    easy access.
  • Each rack is allocated for specific types or categories of fabric, and a barcode system is employed for efficient tracking and retrieval.
  • Our inventory management system, driven by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, ensures accurate allocation of fabrics and trims based on production requirements.
  • Racking is strategically designed for overall intralogistics optimization, enabling faster and more efficient operations.


Material Handling:

  • Material handling is streamlined to ensure the seamless movement of goods within the facility.
  • Stackers & Trolley are utilized for the easy and efficient transportation of materials, allowing for swift and precise handling.
  • The use of stackers minimizes manual labor and reduces the risk of damage to materials during transportation, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

At our facility, we prioritize the optimization of storage and inventory
management processes to ensure timely production and delivery of high-quality garments. By leveraging advanced technologies and efficient
material handling practices, we maintain a well-organized and dynamic
inventory system that meets the demands of our production schedule and
customer requirements.